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How a customer service brief turned into something much bigger.

New World’s customer service is famous, but they wanted even more New Zealanders to know about it.

The brief told us that 700,000 Kiwis visit a New World every week.

If we could make all of those people a little bit happier, we could theoretically lift the collective happiness of the nation.

So that’s what we set out to do.

To take our customer service to another level and move New Zealand from the 8th happiest country in the world to number 1.

We launched to staff first, then to the nation through film. Instore we surrounded shoppers with the idea using posters, shelf space and, most importantly, our staff. Our website promoted food scientifically proven to lift your mood as well as smile-inducing content and prizes.

With four months until the United Nations releases their new happiness rankings, and with plenty more activity to come, we’re confident we’ve done enough to beat Denmark and take our rightful place as the happiest country in the world.