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The new identity for Auckland Heart of the City and Lovebites campaign is rolling out through Auckland across digital, social, print, outdoor and cinema to encourage Aucklanders to discover the diversity of offering in the central city.

The campaign features 50 individual short films, called Lovebites, each revealing a secret or interesting fact about inner city experiences and destinations.

From a secret item you can order not listed on a burger restaurant’s menu to the meaning of the lights on the Sky Tower, there’s oddly something addictive about these little films that once you watch one you want to click to see more.

The films were produced in-house by Colenso BBDO’s production arm Flare, using director/DOP James Rua.

The multi short film campaign approach is becoming more commonly a solution to strategies that have digital and social channels at their centre.

Taste all 50 Love Bites here