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There are so many awards and accolades for beer that nothing really stands out anymore.

To launch new Monteith’s Patriot American Pale Ale, we went after the one seal of approval that really matters to an APA – the official U.S. seal itself.

The campaign launched with an open negotiation directed at the U.S. Embassy in Wellington (the closest America we could find). With blind optimism, we requested the seal via billboards outside the embassy, full-page letters in the newspaper, radio call outs, an aeroplane banner, a social campaign, and website – all of which were personally addressed to the U.S. Embassy in the hopes of getting approval to use the seal on the beer.

The Embassy noticed, as did New Zealand. While we didn’t get the official U.S. seal, Monteith’s APA got the recognition it deserved, becoming the fastest growing APA in the market.